Steps to your next dream home

Step 1: get a preliminary understanding of the real estate market, related policies and regulations, as well as tax rates and rebates, so as to determine where to buy and what to buy; (Contact Francie for more information.)

Step 2: consulting mortgage specialist to get the pre-approval of mortgage; (Ask Francie for recommendation.) 

Step 3: choosing a right realtor to represent yourself;

Step 4: Communicating with your realtor to search and view homes; 

Step 5: Once you find a satisfactory property, your realtor will draft an offer on your behalf;  

Step 6: Your realtor negotiates with the seller on your behalf, and finally reaches an agreement with the seller, then the seller signs the accepted offer; 

Step 7: If it is a conditional offer, before subject removal, you need to finish home inspection, confirm the title of the property, complete bank appraisal and get the mortgage approval for this specific property. For strata property, your realtor will read together with you all the strata documents, and provide you opinions regarding the documents; 

Step 8: Once all conditions are met, your realtor will remove subject on your behalf, thus the contract comes into effect;

Step 9: Pay deposit according to the contract requirement;

Step 10: Choose a lawyer or notary public, get your down payment ready, complete the mortgage process and sign the mortgage documents;

Step 11: The notary public or the lawyer will get all transaction documents ready before completion day, and you will sign all the documents at lawyer’s office;

Step 12: When possession day comes, you will accept the home from the seller, and arrange the move in. 

Francie will guide you through every step with ease. Sign up on my website to start search your dream home. 

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