Selling a home is not an easy process for every homeowner. When you plan to sell your home, what do you need to consider? 

1. How much is my home worth? 
You may first search the listing prices of the same type of properties in your neighborhood. My website has all the listings information in Great Vancouver. Simply click here to start your search. 

The information you find is just the approximate value of your house. To understand the accurate value of your home, you need a professional realtor to help you. 

2. How can a professional 
Realtor® help me to get the accurate value of my home?

A professional real estate agent can not only get access to all the active listing information, but also the sold and terminated listing information, as well as the history, taxation information etc. A professional real estate agent can use statistical and analytical tools to give you an accurate assessment of your property. It is no doubt that an accurate assessment will lead to an accurate pricing strategy and ultimately achieve to a successful sale. 

3. How can I sell my home? 

After understanding the value of your home, you will consider how to sell your home. Since most of the homeowners are not real estate professionals, why? Because they are not familiar with the real estate trading process, and they don’t have the support of the massive real estate data, also they are unable to market their property with maximum exposure. Therefore, it is difficult for a homeowner to sell his or her own home successfully. So, you need to find a professional real estate agent to help you. 

4. What kind of real estate agent shall I work with?


First of all, he/she should clearly understand the market, can give you an accurate assessment of your home, and help you to make the most appropriate pricing strategy; 

Secondly, he/she should have strong marketing ability, and is able to promote your home to the most suitable buyers group;

Thirdly: he/she must have a positive working attitude, responsible, and willing to fight for the best of your interests.

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