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    Francie Xue

    Real Estate Professional

    Royal Pacific Realty

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    Whether it's getting a full scope of your home's value in the current

    market or marketing your home effectively to generate the maximum

    level of interest - you need to make sure you've got a professional by your

    side to ensure you get the highest return on your invesment.


    Why make a decision before understanding what you're getting yourself into? Why sign documents that you don't fully comprehend? When it comes to arguably the most important investment in your lifetime, you deserve all the answers. I'm here to help.

    About Francie

    Francie, born and raised in China, has been engaged in international trading business for more than 15 years, which nurtured her with rich negotiation skill, superior interpersonal ability, and abundant sales experience in Chinese market. Her 3-year dedication in MBA study in New York enabled her to master and skillfully use the market analysis tools, and endowed her with acute insight of the opportunities and risks of the market. Both her previous working experience and educational background doubtlessly become a huge plus to her real estate business.

    Her passion for real estate started when she was still in China. The successful investment in real estate consolidated her desire to choose real estate as her life long career after she immigrated in Canada. As a former member of Top 1% Real Estate Team in Great Vancouver, she has helped many clients to sell and buy their homes. Each client's heartfelt gratitude and satisfaction is her greatest accomplishment. She believes that the best value she brings to her clients is the professional solution and the ultimate clients’ care. She is always willing and ready to devote all her knowledge, skill, and care to the people who have real estate needs. She wants to build up a lifelong friendship with those who put their trusts on her.


    Aug 11th, 2020

    She was never in an unwanted rush or pushy to complete a deal. We always felt like she was very concerning about our needs and genuinely willing to serve our needs. We only have good things to say about Francie. She ticked our every box in terms of an ideal real estate agent. And we must mention we are very picky in terms of rating someone's professionalism and services - Francie passed the test with flying colours!! ---- By: Sadana

    Aug 11th, 2020

    She shows her excellent local housing knowledge, updated market trend and analysis, buying procedures, negotiation capability, ... along with her professional customer services including quick response, responsibility, enthusiasm, ...  All help me in confidently making a right decision under really tough circumstances … -----By: Thi Ngugen

    TThi Nguyen
    Aug 11th, 2020

    It’s such a great pleasure working with Francie. She had a great knowledge of the local market and knew exactly what I was looking for. She lead me through multiple rounds of negotiation to get to a price I were comfortable with and was very responsive to all my inquires… -----By: Gavin Yuan

    GGavin Yuan
    Aug 11th, 2020

    Ms. Xue is the best realtor I have met. She is extremely helpful. Since I have met other broker before, with comparison, my parents and I found out Ms. Xue is much more professional at each step along with purchasing the apartment… Ms. Xue is very patient and well organized. She helped us objectively analyze the apartment in both sides. Regarding our questions on various aspects of real estate, her explanations are very comprehensive. I feel comfortable to work with her. I have already introduced her to my other friends… ----- By: Zhifan Bian

    ZBZhifan Bian
    Aug 11th, 2020

    It’s our pleasure to have her represents us our first-time buying process. We feel that she really goes out of her way to help us, she’s always available to answer questions even later in the evening; She’s always honest about the findings and honest opinion when things become confusing for us. Francie helped us to negotiate for a great price on the property that we want. I don’t think we would’ve asked for a better realtor to work and we look forward to work with her again in the near future :) … happy customer. ----- By: Eua Na Chiangmai

    ECEua Na Chiangmai
    Aug 11th, 2020

    Francie Xue is a hard-working person. She always tries to help in all the way she can, very easy to work with, very patient. She is understanding, no push, no rush. She did the best homework, give us a very detailed research paper, helped us to make the best decision. ----- By: Bin Qu

    BQBin Qu
    Aug 11th, 2020

    We highly recommend Francie to our family and friends. She made sure that we find the perfect match that suits our family’s needs. She is very approachable and friendly. Thanks to Francie, we had purchased our new HOME. ----- By: April

    Aug 11th, 2020

    It has been my great pleasure to work with Francie. I am very happy and satisfied with the work that Francie has done to me. She is always ready to provide me with help and professional suggestions. I really appreciate her performance. And she is very patient and care about me. I will definitely recommend her to my friends. I wish her great success in her real estate career. ----- By: Wendy Yue

    WYWendy Yue
    Aug 11th, 2020

    I am very grateful to Francie for her keen help in our home purchase. … With her guidance, the whole buying process became easier and without pressure. In my opinion, what she has done for me is far beyond a realtor, but a friend who really cares about me. She never reduced the quality and efforts of her service, despite my low budget… ----- By: Jane Shen

    JSJane Shen

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